About Rhino

With over 50 years of experience in the IT hardware market, Rhino Technology Group is positioned to provide a cost effective, custom IT solution for any need.  Our experience and established relationships in the market allow us to offer the widest selection of pre-owned IBM (pSeries and xSeries), HP (9000 and Proliant), Cisco, Dell, Aruba, AdTran and Brocade products at the lowest overall cost.

Our highly trained product specialists will partner with you to determine your needs and align them with the right mix of products and services.  We will consider all of the following Rhino Technology Group offerings when custom-configuring your solution:

  • We offer flexible financing options including: purchasing payments, lease, and short term rental options.
  • Access to a wide array of technology options, including older generations, allows us to offer the best solution immediately while allowing you to extend the life of your current assets.
  • We offer aggressive trade-in credit, sell on consignment, or buy your IT assets outright. Regardless of whether you are buying new or pre-owned hardware from us or from another source, leverage our market relationships to maximize the return on your IT investments.
  • Our large on-site inventory allows us to offer quick delivery of even the hardest-to-find equipment. Relationships with a number of third party maintenance providers allow us to offer flexible, cost effective maintenance options that fit your needs.
  • By selling both new and pre-owned IT equipment, we are able to offer you the most cost effective combined solution

When looking for technology hardware, work with a partner you can trust to have the right product, who can deliver on time and at the right cost.