The Rhino Team

Meet our platform specific Senior Sales Executives.


Joe Anderson

IBM xSeries

Joe Anderson has spent the last 13 years focused on the IBM platform, specializing in the xSeries of products.  He’s worked in both end user and broker markets, so he truly understands all aspects of the hardware procurement process, resulting in you getting the most out of your IT hardware budget.

Eric Dvorak


Eric Dvorak has over 7 years of industry experience all within the Dell platform.  He specializes in enterprise level Dell hardware across servers, networking and storage and has helped Rhino to achieve Dell partner status.  Eric’s contacts all over the world allow him to offer Dell hardware at an incredible value with lead times that often beat hardware straight from the factory.

Eliot Klone


Eliot Klone has specialized in enterprise level HP hardware for the last 10 years, procuring millions of dollars in hardware and saving his customers huge amounts on their IT budget.  He has a deep understanding of the entire HP product offering, including servers, storage, and networking hardware.  Eliot has built countless relationships over the years that allow him to offer both new and refurbished HP hardware at extremely competitive pricing.

chris esterley cisco

Chris Esterley


Chris Esterley has excelled in the hardware resale business for over 12 years. As the Cisco specialist with Rhino Technology Group, Chris brings an extensive understanding of both the new and refurbished hardware market, resulting in you maximizing  your IT budget.  His network in the hardware industry also allows Chris to purchase your end of life IT assets, ensuring you a maximum return on investment.

brian holmes dell equallogic

Brian Holmes

Dell EqualLogic

With over 9 years of experience in the refurbished IT hardware industry, Brian Holmes is focused on providing his customers the right EqualLogic solution at a great value.  Because he focuses solely on acquiring EqualLogic hardware, Brian has a deep understanding of the EqualLogic market and you’ll know it after a few minutes speaking with him.

tj michel ibm

TJ Michel

IBM pSeries

TJ Michel has over 13 years of experience in the refurbished IT hardware business and has devoted his career specifically to IBM pSeries and IBM Total Storage.  His focus on these two platforms allows TJ to conistently source and stock even the hardest to find products, resulting in little to no lead time.

tj michel ibm

Eric Oscarson

Sun Oracle

Eric Oscarson has been in the IT brokerage industry for over 11 years,  with 8 of those being focused on the Sun / Oracle platform.  He specializes in inventorying a wide range of hardware that he is able to provide at discounted prices as well as being dedicated to his customers with fast response times.

tj michel ibm

Ram Mehta


Ram Mehta has over 12 years of experience in the refurbished IT hardware business specific to the Cisco product line.  From Phones to Enterprise Storage, his knowledge helps customers find what they need.  His exclusive focus on this platform allows Ram to consistently source and stock a wide array products giving him unmatched expertise in Cisco’s product line.