Rhino Asset Management

Optimizing your IT investment.

R.A.M. optimizes your IT budget by allowing you maximum return on your current IT investment.  On average, R.A.M. saves our customers 60% on their IT equipment and maintenance expense.


The first step of asset management is determining what your requirements are. You have specific needs and want to maximize your IT investment. Our consultants have over 50 years of combined experience working with customers to find the optimal solution for each customer. Contact us today.


Once you have determined the equipment you need, the next step is financing. While you may not require financing, Rhino offers financing to all customers not withstanding the size of the purchase.


A maintenance program is important for optimizing your IT investment. Rhino’s IT Maintenance support program offers you expert advice and support at a 25-60% off of manufacturer maintenance programs.


Once the equipment/financing/maintenance program have been selected, the actual purchase will be effortless. You’ll realize up to 80% costs savings on the equipment and up to 60% on the maintenance plan – and each product is backed by our Rhino Warranty.

Extending Life

Receive the greatest return on your IT investment by extending the life of the equipment. Rhino specializes in service upgrades and repairs on all past generation equipment.


Trade-in value is imperative for optimizing your IT investment. Rhino offers aggressive trade-in values for individuals who will purchase future products from us as well as those who are shopping elsewhere.

To speak further about Rhino’s Asset Management programs, please give us a call today at 1.888.805.6620 or contact us through our request form below.  Or you can just chat us using the window at the bottom right of the screen.

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