Rhino Renew

Complete refurbishment and certification process.

Our customers don’t have time to worry if the parts they order will arrive on time, or perform correctly after installation.  That is why there is RHINO RENEW – a process to ensure that you can buy with confidence from a supplier you trust for your next IT hardware project.  Rhino Technology Group models its complete refurbishment process after the Robert Frances Group’s Proper Certification Process.

I. Physical Inspection Servers, Storage, Networking Equipment and components are inspected for cosmetic defects and parts are confirmed to be original manufacturer equipment; those that are marked as unfit are replaced.

II. Parts Testing & Replacement
All hardware parts are thoroughly tested to ensure proper performance. Those that are not functioning to within required standards or exhibit undue wear are replaced.

III. Wiring & Cleaning
Interior wiring is visibly and functionally tested and is replaced if needed.  Also, panels are cleaned to new condition. Interior components are cleaned using compressed air to remove dust and other debris.

IV. Data Removal
All data is wiped from the system to ensure proper data removal using a 1x overwrite, as well as hard drive performance. Operating system and software is reloaded per manufacturer or customer specifications.

V. Quality & Assurance Testing
Tests are administered over an extended, timed duration. Results are monitored and logged. Errors that were previously unapparent are addressed. Testing is repeated until the system meets the required tolerances.

VI. Certification
After passing QA, the product is deemed certified. Ideally, the vendor will provide a description of the entire refurbishment process, and audited records of the recertification milestones should be made available upon request.

VII. Packaging
Once complete, the system should be placed into new packaging, complete with cables and relevant documentation.

VIII. Warranty
Minimum 90-day warranties are offered for all systems, although some systems may be accompanied with a one-year warranty.

All products purchased from Rhino are guaranteed eligible for the manufacturer’s or 3rd party maintenance agreement, and are backed with warranty from Rhino Technology Group.

To speak further about the Rhino Renew program, please give us a call today at 1.888.805.6620 or contact us through our request form below.  Or you can just chat us using the window at the bottom right of the screen.

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