Rhino offers an array of services that will help you navigate any IT infrastructure project, leaving you with additional time and money to do what you do best – run your business.


Maintenance Support

Expert services when you need it, at a price that improves your bottom line. Rhino’s IT Maintenance professionals are here to ensure your equipment is advanced and effective. Speak with a Rhino maintenance professional today to discuss how we can help you maximize your effectiveness.

Free Consulting

Our knowledgeable product specialists will be happy to provide you with a free, personalized consulting session to help identify solutions just right for you.


R.A.M. optimizes your equipment and delivers maximum return on your IT investment.
On average, R.A.M. saves our customers 60% on their IT expenses and maintenance.

Rhino Renew

Customers don’t have time to worry if the parts they order will arrive on time, or perform correctly after installation. That is why there is RHINO RENEW – a process to ensure that you can buy with confidence from a supplier you trust for your next IT hardware project. Rhino Technology Group models its complete refurbishment process after the Robert Frances Group’s Proper Certification Process.

Rhino Replacement

Hassle free, value-added replacementsWe have been in this business long enough to understand that you may experience a defective product through no fault of your own. Therefore, we are readily prepared to deliver the value you have come to expect. No need to worry about your faulty product, at Rhino you will be provided with:

IT leasing

Rhino’s IT leasing programs offers a wide range of financial solutions you need to maximize your business operations. If owning is not the most efficient means for running your business, we offer flexible financial solutions to each client to ensure specific needs are met.

Equipment Rental

Seeking a seasonal short term usage or simply want to try before you buy? No problem – we have flexible rental options guaranteed to meet your temporary capacity needs. You’ll value: